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  • Benefits Assistance
    VA, burial, and other claims
  • Referral Program
    Connection point to local services
  • Information Library
    Online and other references
  • Mission

    Benefits and related access to Philadelphia-area, government-sponsored and partner resources for Veterans and their network


    Provides benefits counseling and filing assistance, referral services, and connections and registration for government support and benefits offered through Philadelphia and Pennsylvania resources. Also provides a central point of reference for area resources and non-profits serving the Veteran community

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    The office itself is located on the bottom floor of the West Wing of City Hall.

    Referral Program
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    Our clinic referred a veteran to the commission for assistance with a state-based aid application, based on her need for assistance with rent due to a period of unemployment (we thought she was eligible based on the employment gap). We called on 8/15/18 (case manager with the veteran) and spoke with a representative who requested a call back the following Monday. When the veteran called Monday, she experienced hostility/rudeness from the representative, who reportedly used a “harsh tone” with her. The veteran thought that it was inappropriate for the representative to speak to her disrespectfully, and that there is a particular responsibility to be understanding with veterans (who may have a difficult time reaching out for help in the first place). This was such a negative experience that she was tearful when discussing it with the referring partner, which validated the disrespect she felt on the phone.

    Referral Program
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