Challenge Coins

Build Your Collection: Earning and Using Challenge Coins

Challenge coins earn you bragging rights and status as an active user. Right now they earn you a title that shows how active you are in the community so others know they can trust your reviews.

Q: A title? Is that all?

Soon, you can also:

- Trade in coins for discounts and deals with Veteran-owned and supported businesses
- Get invited to special events

Q: How can I get more coins?

The purpose of is to share your knowledge and experience with others. Helpful reviews are the cat’s pajamas, so take the extra minute to put some detail and hints in there and earn thumbs up and more coins to trade in!

- Write your first review (Get 20 coins)
- Write more reviews (Get 10 coins each)
- Update your reviews (Get 5 coins)
- Getting a thumbs up (minus one for thumbs down) for how helpful your review is (Get 1 coin each thumbs up)
- Filling out your profile (Get 15 coins)

Q: What do the titles/ranks mean?

Challenge Coins earn you rank titles which are displayed with your reviews. The higher your rank, the more active you are on so the more you might be asked to special events or to get additional benefits and offers later on. The structure is subject to change, but you can never get demoted:

- New Recruit: less than 45 Coins
- Rifleman: 45-74
- Squad Leader: 75-124
- Platoon Sergeant: 125-224
- Commander: 225-349
- Flag Officer: 350+

Dropping Your Coins on the Bar:

Real Challenge Coins, the kind you get from military members and units, have a traditional use for being pulled out at a bar full of service members. The person with the lowest ranking coin (coin received from the lowest ranking individual, so a coin awarded from a Sergeant is worth less than a coin from a General) or someone without a coin to drop on the bar has to buy the next round of beers for the group.

We don’t have a bar at, but we are building up our partners who are willing to offer you discounts and freebies. As we have different offers you will be able to drop some of your coins for things like free coffee, big discounts on gear, and so on. Your rank will not decrease: that is based on the number of coins you’ve ever earned. But you will have a trade bank so you will want to keep reviewing, keep voting on reviews, and keep getting friends to log in and mark your reviews as helpful so you can keep earning and using as offers become available.