Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, check out some common questions below.

You want my real name, but reviews are anonymous. What gives?

As we build out the system, we want to make sure that there are verification processes in place. You deserve to know that every review you are reading is from a real person, so we are working to make that a thing. Your name and email will never be publicly associated with a review.

What types of resources can I review?

If it pertains to you in the veteran community (veteran, family, civilian supporter), it can be rated. Government services, not-for-profits, for-profits with a focus on services, and company Veteran policies, all of them can be reviewed.

You mean I can review VA hospitals, too? How?

Everyone should get feedback, even the VA hospitals. Just select the right category for the service you want to rate and be sure to enter the hospital location in the correct block. We just ask that you please don’t include specific names, even for positive reviews.

The organization I want to review isn’t listed! Oh no! Now what?

Don’t panic! Just write a review. We added the ability for you to tell us what organization you are reviewing, right down to the chapter/region level. Within 24 hours, we will add the rest of the organization details and create the page, and your review will be listed on the page when it goes live. Plus, you’ll get an email from us telling you to check it out. You’ll have contributed to our site by having us add whole pages. You have the power *cue awesome dance tune*!

What’s with the math in the ratings, nerds?

Yes, you can just go with the overall rating, but that's not so specific. We want you to know, and to tell us, more about interactions.

Oops, I need to change my review a little. Can I?

Not yet, but you will be able to later. For right now, just contact us and let us know what to change and we will fix it for you.

Do you edit reviews?

Nope! Only if you used an individual name or language your mother would tell you isn’t for polite company (we know you say it too, Mom). All ratings will be visible soon, we just don’t have that feature in yet but it’s all there.

I’m an organization representative and I want to correct something in your information. Can I do that?

Of course! Contact us and let us know of the error and we will fix it right away.

I’d love to get more use out of the organization information. What’s coming?

In later versions (currently in planning stages), we will be working with organizations much more closely to ensure the correct information is in front of you. Plus, we are going to get you in contact with them right away. And they will follow up. And we will make sure the process works, because that's our ultimate goal: connection.

What's with all the cats on your social media feeds?

Cats are pretty hilarious. Also, they helped our CEO keep mostly sane while in the Army, so an allegiance was formed. Dogs are well loved, too, and get their feature spots!