Opportunities for Employers and Company Diversity Growth

Corporate Initiatives for Hiring, Retaining, and Supporting Veteran Employees

Diversity and inclusion programs help build community and culture, which has an effect on your employees' health and wellness. Happier, healthier employees mean increased productivity, fewer sick days, and better retention rates. (Note: For more information on how a strong company community affects MilVets in the workplace, check out our References Page.)

If you are offering - or planning to offer - programs for your Military, Veterans, and Milvet Spouse employees, we want your company on the platform.

Employer Initiatives We Love to Work With:

  • Military and Veteran (MilVet) Hiring, Apprentice, and Internships
  • Employee Resource/Support Groups (ERG) for MilVets
  • MilVet Employee Mentorships and Networks
  • Corporate Giving to MilVet Nonprofits
Pathfinder Labs' independent assessments provide tangible information for you to improve hiring efficiency, increase MilVet employee satisfaction, and create more impactful Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

Note for Tax Deductions

In addition to building awesome employee support programs internally, your company can also contribute towards using tech to improving the impact of local MilVet nonprofits through making a tax-deductible donation. More details are below, or you can jump here for details about our 501c3-partnered giving program.

What We Offer Our MilVet Employer Partners

Because no company program is the same, we have several options for understanding - and increasing - your impact on employee well-being.

Each offering has benefits, and can be combined for a customized analysis of each company initiative, as well as for overall MilVet programming.

To help you plan, we include estimates of what your staff participation might look like. Your engagement leaders are critical throughout the data gathering process, and we work with them to ensure you are getting the most robust information sets possible!

45-Day Rapid Assessment

Best For: Starting a new MilVet initiative; Visualizing current MilVet Employee well-being; Planning near-term diversity program changes; Setting hiring targets

What We Do: Over the course of 30-45 days, our analysts work with your team to provide a comprehensive, empirical understanding of your current MilVet employee population. This assessment provides a snapshot of program status and effectiveness, and a guideline for creating or growing new initiatives.

The analysts and engineers at Pathfinder Labs will:

  1. Gather your MilVet hiring, retention, and support goals and Diversity and Inclusion Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  2. Create a rapid (5-10 minute) employee survey for statistical categorization
  3. Implement anonymized feedback collection systems for each initiative (30-day, concentrated collection period)
  4. Using proprietary algorithms and methods, break down feedback and surveys into standardized, empirical metrics for employee well-being based on established KPIs
  5. Provide access to limited dashboard for essential metrics
  6. Produce a comprehensive report of critical MilVet employee aspects and program development needs, such as:
    • What motivates them or entices them regarding both work and offered programs
    • Aggregated attribute metrics of personality corresponding to increased probability of successful leadership, training, and team-building
    • Attribute metrics of group well-being, like connectedness and stress
    • How programs can be built or modified to optimize these metrics
What We Would Need: Our team handles the bulk of the heavy lifting, and will email your engagement teams with templates, tips, and other assistance to help minimize impact on their regular duties.

We will ask for the following coordination:
  1. Initial goals meeting (30 minutes, 1 time, phone/video); all Stakeholders and representatives for each initiative (Diversity and Inclusion, HR, Veteran Engagemnt Coordinator, etc.)
  2. Survey review and approval (30 minutes spread over 1 week, email/shared docs); appointed program director
  3. Feedback and survey distribution and collection (5-10 minutes/week, email), Veteran initiative or engagement leads
  4. Employee engagement through anonymized feedback responses (5-10 minutes/week, email), Veteran initiative or engagement leads
  5. Report review and questions (flexible)

365 Employee Impact Assessment

Best For: Established, engagement-focused MilVet initiatives; Tracking and optimizing impact of program changes; Measuring and planning for MilVet retention

What We Do: Conducted over the course of a year, the 365 Impact Assessment is focused on changes, progress, and continued development and improvement. The focus is on the MilVet community and network within your company, and optimizing programs that offer longer-term (eg., multi-week internship training) or recurring (eg., monthly meetups or mentoring) engagements

In addition to the rapid assessment processes and products, our team will offer:

  1. Ongoing support, suggestions, and templates for gathering feedback over the year-long analysis period
  2. A secure dashboard of relevant metrics, including time-series analysis to see how program changes impact employee well-being
  3. Periodic summary reports (1-2 pages) 2-3 times during the year with KPI tracking and advising for minor program changes

Additional Resource: Focused Donations for Impacting the Greater MilVet Community

Best For: Larger companies with significant charitable giving programs

What We Do: We coordinate between entities looking to donate to MilVet services and 501c3 charities who are interested in using AI and analysis to create more impact for the MilVets they serve. We want to ensure all organizations have access to data-driven, standardized assessments that can help them improve their services and serve more military, veterans, and families regardless of size or marketing capabilities. In donating directly to support analysis and feedback-gathering, company giving programs can support a mission that allows the 501c3 to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Learn more, and start doing more for the community through the Pathfinder Labs Veteran Impact Donor Fund.

More Information on Process, Validation, and Security

Image of Pathfinder Backend

How and Why This Works

While our specific algorithms are proprietary, the concepts behind what we do are validated through statistical and clinical research.

We use a system of user-provided feedback about programs and services they use to create both a reference database for other MilVets seeking services, as well as a text inventory for anonymized, combined statistical analysis. We integrate Natural Language Processing techniques including a refined version of the Linguistic Inventory and Word Count (LIWC) system developed and studied at University of Texas-Austin, Stanford University, and clinical research institutions. With machine learning, we create a platform that helps us compare, contrast, and understand this specific population to provide evidence-based improvements to programs.

For additional information on topics like Natural Language Processing, psychometrics, Veteran employee retention through community programs, and the science of why this works, you can check out our overview on the About page, and visit our ever-growing list of references.

Notes on Privacy, Security, and Data Ownership

We take the privacy of users and the security of data very seriously. While we are happy to work with your company's systems to provide a way to make contributing feedback on programs easier or meet compliance requirements, we find many users are more forthcoming and straight-forward when their feedback is requested through a protected third party. Additionally, the Pathfinder Labs platform can be used as a supportive resource system to connect employees with additional services in their local area to help them and their families integrate to their community.

To create the most thorough analysis possible, we offer additional assurances on data storage and security:

  • No personal or company information is ever shared, sold, or otherwise transferred
  • All feedback is anonymized, aggregated, and further dissociated from individuals before and during data processing
  • Databases are nonrelational, with AWS security and encryption
  • Names and other identifying information are separated within our database to prevent inadvertantly associating feedback and metrics with individuals

Have questions about this or anything else? Life, the universe, anything? Click below, send us an email, and we are happy to help.