Meet the Team

Who We Are

We take a lot of pride in our team: a mix of Veterans, military family members, and active community members.

The Build Team

Elana Duffy CEO, Founder
US Army Veteran
Andy Stocchetti Lead Developer
Civilian Supporter
Patrick Farrell Lead Troubleshooter
US Navy Family Member
Michael Thorne Chief Data Officer
US Navy Veteran

Marissa Hiruma Sales and Marketing
First Reponsder Spouse
Xin Liu Development Intern
Civilian Supporter

The Advisory Board

Aaron Leonard Military Outdoors
Laura Rittenhouse Rittenhouse Rankings
Joe Hunt Veterans' Mental Health Coalition
Steve Kuyan NYU Veteran and Tandon Incubators

Moral Support Board

Osiris #1 Supporter of Pathfinder
Lucy Office Diva
Julius Caesar Distraction Engineer