Who We Are

We take a lot of pride in our team: a mix of Veterans, military family members, and active community members.

The Build Team

Lana Duffy headshot Elana Duffy CEO, Founder

Lana graduated from Cornell University with a Masters of Engineering in 2002, then quit her job to enlist in the US Army from 2003-2012. She was medically retired with a Purple Heart following combat tours in OEF and OIF, eventually returning home to NYC to found Pathfinder Labs. The cat-related influences around the site are mostly her fault.

Patrick Farrell headshot Patrick Farrell Lead Troubleshooter

Patrick Farrell is a software engineer based in New York City. He went to Virginia Tech and a BS/MS in Electrical Engineering and has worked in NYC for the past 7 years.

Michael Thorne headshot Michael Thorne Chief Data Officer

Michael is a former naval computer network intelligence specialist and current Data Lead for Pathfinder. Educated at Fordham and the University of New Haven, Michael has served as Head Data Scientist for several successful startups.

Marissa Hiruma headshot Marissa Hiruma Sales and Marketing

Marissa is a hilarious individual and owns two adorable, but bratty cats.

Xin Liu headshot Xin Liu Junior Developer

Xin is currently a rising sophomore in City College. He is an aspiring software engineer and loves to code, despite it giving him severe headaches. On his free time, he enjoys finding new things about the concrete jungle that he has resided in for over a decade.

Amber Kim headshot Amber Kim Software Developer

Amber is a developer with a background in running a web design and marketing firm. Her experience gives her a holistic view of building applications, considering best user experience, marketing practices and business needs. On her free time she loves hiking and rock climbing with her husband and kids.

Andy Stocchetti headshot Andy Stocchetti Full-Stack Developer

Andy is a software engineer. When not coding, he is on a fruitless endeavor to train his cat to walk on a leash.

Adrian Calvache headshot Adrian Calvache Junior Developer

Adrian graduated from college and General Assembly coding bootcamp. Only veteran to receive a fully paid scholarship to General Assembly. In his free time, he does photography for many of the veteran communities in NYC and enjoys weightlifting.

The Advisory Board

Aaron Leonard headshot Aaron Leonard Military Outdoors

Joe Hunt headshot Joe Hunt Veterans' Mental Health Coalition

Steve Kuyan headshot Steve Kuyan NYU Veteran and Tandon Incubators

Steve Kuyan headshot Marianne Watson Center for America

Jacqueline Silva headshot Jacqueline Silva Silva Communications, CEO

Moral Support Board

photo of the cat Osiris Osiris #1 Supporter of Pathfinder

photo of the cat Lucy Lucy Office Diva

photo of the cat Caesar Julius Caesar Distraction Engineer

Interns and Other Awesome Assistance

Gregory Slonim headshot Gregory Slonim Development Intern 2017
Saroosh Zaman headshot Saroosh Zaman Junior Developer
Emmanuella Kogda headshot Emmanuella Kogda Development Intern 2017