The Pathfinder Community App

Image of Pathfinder App

Why an App?

In the summer of 2021 we launched the Pathfinder Community mobile app through our partners at Loqiva, who create local connection apps for cities and communities (plus do a lot of work with the British Royal Marines). We wanted an app to not only give Military, Veterans, and Families a way to see on a map what's nearby for services they need to walk into, but also to provide information on what's happening locally.

Please note, the app is still in beta/development so functions and orgs are being added all the time! Don't see something you love in your area, have a tour idea, or spot a bug? Let us know!

What's On The App For Me?

For Active Duty, Reserve/Guard, Veterans, Retirees, Dependents - plus a growing number of service providers and emergency services personnel - you can get the free app and get most of the features of the website, plus:

  • Local Services Map. Zoom in to your location and see what services you can walk into, from VA clinics to military installation MWR offices.
  • Small Businesses and Points of Interest. See and filter the mom and pop shops near you who want to connect, plus parks, government offices you might need, and more.
  • Discounts and Offers.Small businesses and other partners may be offering an extra 10% off this weekend with a Military/Veteran ID, or listing a hiring notice for military spouses, and you can get them right on your phone.
  • Local Events.A sponsored concert in the park, a small business pop-up store, a food truck location, find out what is happening in your 'hood for you and your family.
  • Reviews and Information. Connect back with the Pathfinder website to read reviews on services, to leave feedback about a program, and for more information about the organization.

Remember, we do not have reviews for small businesses (there are plenty of other sites for that). We only request your feedback for benefits, services, and programs supporting the community.


How Do I Use The App?

We are adding tons of stuff to the app all the time, just like we are adding to the website every day, so here are a few tips for getting started and staying up-to-date:

  1. Download the app using the links below, or searching your app store for "Pathfinder Community" or "Pathfinder Veterans" and looking for our logo.
  2. The Hub will have national news and information related to Military and Veteran interests, weather, and so on. It should default to phone location if you have location enabled.
  3. The Map icon at the bottom of the screen will show you a national map right now, so start zooming in towards your state!
  4. You can filter using the selection categories at the bottom of the screen. SUPPORT will have all of the benefits, programs, and services while the other categories will have local attractions, small businesses, etc.
  5. To search for an organization, TAP THE LIST ICON in the lower right of the map screen.
  6. To write feedback, go to an organization and open the page, then TAP MORE INFORMATION and then the Write a Review button.
  7. The app will not automatically create a new Pathfinder web account for you; we encourage you to create your web account so now (or upon leaving feedback) to earn even more rewards!
  8. Offers and events are temporarily listed nationally instead of locally, which we know isn't ideal (we are on it...) but please sift through and support local businesses!
For more details on using the app and additional features, Check out this quick video we made.