James J. Peters VA Medical Center (Bronx, NY)

James J. Peters VA Medical Center (Bronx, NY)

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130 West Kingsbridge Road

Bronx, New York 10468




Provide health care information and treatment for Veterans and some family and caregivers


Provide medical treatment, emergency care, mental health care, and serve as a point of reference for a wide variety of VA resources in the Veteran community. Includes online and in-person prescription refills, doctor and nurse contact, and more. Mental health access in case of emergency is available to all Veterans regardless of discharge status. PLEASE DO NOT DISCLOSE PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION IN REVIEWS!

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I've been using this VA medical facility for close to a year and find it way more convenient than NYU Hospital, its clinics and private practices I've been using for the past 40* years. Referrals to different specialists and lab tests are made in the VA system. Appointments are scheduled, reminders sent and confirmation and changes are texted or emailed to me. In the past, these sorts of things had always been my responsibility to make the calls and schedule the appointments. The VA does it all. The only downside is that sometimes appointment dates change, so I need to confirm my appointments on the VA site from time to time. Not much of a downside. I actually find this VA Medical Center to be excellent - professional and friendly stay, integrated systems for appointments and referrals, prescriptions by mail, personalized and online access to my information and prescription refills.

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This place has everything! It's clean, and you can go anywhere and get anything done. The doctors here are great too. They do a great job, even with a high case load and short turnarounds.

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