New York Regional Benefit Office

New York Regional Benefit Office

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245 W Houston St.

New York, New York 10014




Administrative offices assisting in filing claims for VA benefits including Vocrehab, comp&pen, and more.


VA offices managing Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (aka Vocrehab or VRE ) program enrollment, general enrollment, benefits assistance and application, caregiver information, compensation initial filing, and other non-health related VA activities

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If you want an appeal to get done fast, stay away from this place. My claim was here and then shipped to LA. Still waiting for the claim to get done, and it's been 5 years. I am not the only one waiting and 5 years is not the longest someone here also has been waiting.

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If you want to be treated like crap then come here. Applying for benefits took me two years. The good ol' VA backlog of records is true. Hopefully it got better with more nation wide attention on it. Applying for VOC Rehab is a mission and the VA is your enemy. The first day of VOC rehab, you have to watch a video from the 90s that explains VOC rehab. It's mandatory, and then you have to wait. Now you can quote me on this: "there are no staff member in that building who cares about veterans". They treat you as if you are a common criminal. They don't believe you want to advance your education for the benefit of having better employment. At first I was just hoping they could help me land a job but then I realized I might need more school. They told me "the VA doesn't have funding at the moment, go use the Excelsior scholarship for school". My counselor took months to respond to me when I had questions. Not by passenger pigeon or telegraph but by email/phone messages. I moved to NJ only to my amazement what took two years in NY to get done took a day. Be warned: they do not like veterans at this office.

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