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    Social activities, peer support
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  • Mission

    To provide resources and specific guidance to Veterans attending courses at Fordham University


    A part of the Student Veterans of America, the Fordham Veterans Club provides social support and an academic network to provide guidance to every military member and military Veteran attending the college. Resources are available at the club room, and regular Veteran-related information is provided as well as social events and academic advice.

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    The Fordham Student Veteran Association has been a great way to connect with fellow student veterans, learn about valuable school/veteran-related benefits, and network with potential employers. Fordham University has about 450 student veterans divided between the Lincoln Center (Midtown) and Rose Hill (Bronx) campuses. The SVA is a great way to bridge that gap and include all student vets in events. The primary focus of the FVA is to better prepare Fordham student veterans for what is to come after graduation. Whether it be obtaining internships, graduate school, or help with securing a full time job.

    Veteran Club
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