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    Using the referral system
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    Process, registration, first referral
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    NYC Area referral network for service providers to assist Veterans, Servicemembers, and Families.


    Provides a coordinated network of public, non-­profit, and private service providers in the greater NYC Metro area to help provide referral points and care coordination for Veterans, Servicemembers, and their Families

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    They are very slow to reply to requests after initial contact.

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    Thursday October 5th 2017, I called NY Serves to request help in using the HUDVASH Voucher Program. The representative on the phone informed me that they were a referral service and that my case would be handled by another agency. I should expect to hear back from them in 5-7 business days. I understand the need to verify information, but what good is it to have a program to combat homelessness if there is no streamlined process. The next day I received my phone call, which the representative informed me that he is only available a few days a week, so my appointment ended up being a week later, this Friday.

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