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    To provide resources and specific guidance to veterans attending courses at Baruch College, part of City University of New York


    The Baruch Veterans Club, a part of the Student Veterans of America, provides social support and an academic network to provide guidance to every military member and military Veteran attending the college. Resources are available at the club room, and regular Veteran-related information is provided as well as social events and academic advice.

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    The club is a comfortable, friendly place to hang out. Everyone is accepting of each other, and discussions range from school to politics to fun places to hang out nearby. The WhatsApp channel is active, even with alumni, and there is a lot of support no matter what time of day. Graduate students and undergraduate are all mixed together and it doesn't make a difference; everyone is there for everyone else. It's really refreshing, no judgement. Other clubs get along with the veteran club too and there are joint events all the time. There are job fairs and events shared, and news gets out really easily. I would love to see more support from other veteran groups, especially CUNY, and more notice about what is happening in the city in an official capacity. It seems like some of the other clubs get a lot more attention and funding, and I'm not really sure how the SVA plays a role in connecting to or helping out the Baruch club, but the Baruch Veterans really make the best of what they have and what they get access to.

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    The club is currently in the process of expanding their resource center. Currently the room exceeds daily capacity.

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    As an alumni who graduated from Baruch, I can say that the school and the veterans club has been good to me. The school has various resources in place to help a veteran succeed academically. Currently there is no available space to expand the room. However, the efforts of the club officers there have led to a renovation of the current club room.

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