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Public schools information for NYC, including enrollment for military families.


Enrollments, school options, and other programs for children of military and Veteran families relocating to or currently living in New York City. Counselors and integration support specialists are available.

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Growing up in NYC, my general experience is that of love/hate for the NYC DOE. There are great teachers in the public school system, I still even keep in contact with some of them. And since public schools are open to everyone, your child will embrace everything NY society has to offer. Now for the bad, the way kids are losing empathy for their fellow man, don’t be surprised if your child’s school has a gang problem in NYC. Violence still runs amok, and be careful with schools especially in the Bronx. Ensure your child goes to a school within a neighborhood with high tax bracket to ensure the best of the best for your kid.

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Check out this site for more information on the schools in your area and your options for enrolling your child. None

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